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Talking Points For Adam Stewart Chairman - Tourism Linkages Council at the Linkages Network Strategy Session Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How is the linkages network organized?

  • The Tourism Linkages Council was established in June 2013 and comprises key public and private sector partners, which oversees the coordination and implementation of effective and sustainable strategies to strengthen and facilitate linkages.
  • The council also comprises seven Linkages Networks.
  • Each network is chaired by a member of the linkage council.
  • The networks are responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring projects and programmes and the Linkages Council provides oversight as well as approves the project proposals of the networks.
  • The networks will meet to design/formulate these projects/programmes; review or accept proposals from other stakeholders.
  • At the design stage, this support will come in the form of the development of project proposals which are to be sent to the Linkages Council for approval. The support will also take the form of providing advice regarding proposals submitted from external stakeholders.
  • All programmes and projects should be evaluated based on their contributive value to the Jamaican tourism sector, particularly as it relates to increasing visitor arrivals.
  • The networks will be supported by the Linkages Network secretariat and Dr. Lloyd Waller as a resource person. Dr. Waller is also the senior advisor to the Hon. Minister. Other support will also be provided by other senior technical staff of the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Dr. Waller will provide research oversight associated with the development of the proposal. This will include coordinating all the data gathering and analysis associated with the development of the project proposal and quality control issues.
  • The Linkages secretariat will provide technical support in terms of liaising with stakeholders associated with the project/programmes which are the focus of the proposal.
  • The Linkages secretariat will also be responsible for funding related issues, legal and regulatory issues, stakeholder participation/role responsibility issues as well as PR related issues regarding the project proposal.
  • Once the Council approves the project the networks will monitor the implementation, execution and closure of the project with the help of Dr. Waller and the secretariat. More importantly, these assessments will seek to determine the overall contribution of the project to the tourism sector.