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Tourism Linkages Network


As priority policy, the Ministry of Tourism has targeted the development and strengthening of sustainable linkages between the tourism sector and other productive sectors of the economy — such as agriculture, manufacturing and entertainment — to which it is closely linked.
The Tourism Linkages Network which was approved by Cabinet decision and established in June 2013 to fulfill the ministry’s mandate to create and sustain linkages throughout productive industries. The Network is funded by the Ministry of Tourism's Tourism Enhancement Fund.


The primary objective of the Tourism Linkages Network is to increase the consumption of goods and services that can be competitively sourced locally. It also aims to create employment while generating and retaining the country’s foreign exchange earning potential. The Network also aims to:

  • support, facilitate and monitor the development of efficient marketing and distribution systems for local products and services required by tourism entities
  • increase market awareness and intelligence of the targeted sectors through research and analysis
  • facilitate and monitor the development of more effective and efficient information and communication systems to support relationship building and trade between local suppliers of goods and services, and tourism entities
  • harness and harmonize existing mechanisms and initiatives being undertaken by business associations, ministries and agencies in an effort to improve the business environment for buyers and suppliers
  • contribute and provide support to the development of viable economic and fiscal policies across industries and sectors to strengthen and facilitate linkages
  • create opportunities for deeper facilitation of linkages between the Entertainment and Tourism sectors
  • facilitate opportunities for better networking, information-sharing and communication across sectors

Operational Structure

The Tourism Linkages Council which was established in June 2013 is comprised of key public and private sector partners who oversee the coordination and implementation of effective and sustainable strategies which strengthen and facilitate linkages.

Technical as well as other support is provided by the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) for Agriculture and Manufacturing which works closely with the Tourism Linkages Network to identify and address specific issues that may emerge from time to time to prevent minimize leakages and strengthen linkages.

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