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Jamaica Vacations Limited

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Our Mission

To create the conditions for accelerating the rate of growth of visitor numbers to Jamaica. JamVac will provide, protect and increase the airlift capacity on both schedule and charter routes by working with existing and potential new carriers to create sufficient capacity on each route.


Filling a Unique Need

  • Established in 1978
  • Born of an understanding that airlift is critical to tourism industry
  • Unique organization created to support airlift into Jamaica for the tourism industry
  • Organization not replicated anywhere else
  • Purposed to provide, protect and increase airlift capacity into Jamaica
  • Operates by supporting tour operators, charter operators and scheduled flights
  • Integrally linked to efforts of the Jamaica Tourist Board

Connecting Gateways

  • Facilitates connections from cities "behind the gateway"
  • Operated charters in early years to open new gateways eg. Orlando
  • No longer operates any charters due to market development and maturity

Importance to Tourism Industry

  • Helps to maintain and increase visitor numbers through consistent airlift
  • Helps to fill rooms and generate revenue for the tourism industry
  • Helps to grow new markets / gateways
  • Helps to encourage visitor flow to smaller properties from non-traditional markets
  • Major and well-respected support player to the tourism industry

Changing Needs - Changing Response

  • 2005 - entity pooled with operations of JTB marketing support
  • Maintained capacity to support necessary airlift
  • 2008 - reconstituted into 'stand-alone' entity
  • Expected to play greater role in changed competitive environment
  • JamVac role seen as integral to achieve Ministry of Tourism's "5 - 5 - 5" equation, ie 5% industry growth over next years to realize over 5 million stopover arrivals.

Corporate Data

Board of Directors

Mr. Lloyd Barnett (Jr.), JP – Chairman
Mr. John Lynch
Mr. Rafael Echevarne
Mr. Gary Saddler
Mr. Lloyd Barnett
Ms. Tricia Ann Biccarie
Mr. John Byles
Mr. Charles Simms

Executive Director:  Ms. Joy Roberts