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The Corporate Plan 2010-2013 is guided by the following policies of the Government of Jamaica:

Vision 2030 Jamaica: National Development Plan

Vision 2030 Jamaica is a strategic road map by which our country will progress to become developed over the next 21 years and by which our people here and in the Diaspora will make Jamaica the place of choice to live, work, raise families, and do business.

Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development

The main objectives of the plan, which inform the strategies being applied in each area are:

  • Growth based on a sustainable market position through development of Jamaica's natural, cultural, historic and built heritage, in line with market trends.
  • Enhancing the visitor experience through improving resorts and increasing the types and quality of attractions.
  • Community based development, enhancing the role of local communities in the tourism industry, to increase local support and enhance sustainability.
  • Making Tourism a more inclusive industry, by ensuring that the benefits of tourism are distributed widely throughout the society.
  • Environmental sustainability: The industry must contribute to the preservation of the natural environment.

Public Sector Modernization Vision & Strategy 2002 - 2012

The Public Sector Modernization Vision and Strategy Paper, 2002-2012, represent a critical point in the process of reforming and modernizing the public sector. It sets out the plan of reform for the next ten years and represents a coherent and comprehensive response to the challenges facing the sector.

Jamaica Social Policy Evaluation (JASPEV) 2002 - 2015

Over the next three (3) years, the Ministry will place emphasis on JASPEV's "Key Outcome Goals" #s 3, 5 and 6 - Governance, Environment, and Education and Skills respectively. These will ensure more effective, accountable and transparent government structures, improved environment for quality of life for all Jamaicans and education which facilitates lifelong learning and acquisition of social and life skills.

Environmental Policies

  • Ocean and Coastal Zone Policy:
    • Programme Area 7 - Strategies for Sustainable Use of Coastal Resources: Project 16 - Criteria and Indicators for Sustainability of Coastal Resources
  • National Policy on Environmental Management Systems:
    • Goal # 1: Greening of Government
  • National Strategy and Action Plan on Biological Diversity in Jamaica
    • Goal # 2: Sustainable use of Biological Resources
  • Jamaica Social Policy Evaluation (JASPEV) 2002 - 2015
    • Goal #5: Environment

National Security Policy (NSP)

Provides Environment for a Stable Economy and an Effective Delivery of Social Services (NSP Goal #7) to:

    Strengthen security around vital economic assets.
    Improve systems to support economic diversification and energy security to reduce the impact of economic shocks.
    Further integrate policies and programmes to promote positive values and attitudes throughout state sponsored initiatives.

Other Policies

  • Government of Jamaica Public Sector Procurement Policy - This Procurement Policy presents the Government of Jamaica’s (GoJ) strategy to further reform the public procurement system that is aligned to international best practices and promote fair competition for government contracts.
  • Tourism Sector HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy - The overall goal of this policy is to create the enabling environment for the reduction and prevention of HIV/STI transmission within the formal and informal tourism sector.
  • Tourism Networks Policy and Strategy