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Manager, Finance & Administration - Jamaica Vacations Limited










POST TITLE: …                              MANAGER, FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION

                                                DEPARTMENT/UNIT:                      JAMAICA VACATIONS LIMITED

                                                REPORTS TO:                                Executive Director

                                                MANAGES: …                    



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To contribute to increased visitor arrivals to Jamaica through:

  1. Promote increased airlift of visitors to Jamaica
  2. Support tour operators serving Jamaica
  3. Operation of in-house charters from selected gateways
  4. Support airlift from targeted emerging markets



The incumbent is expected to:-

  • Provide financial, operational and administrative advice on all matters in relation to the management of JamVac;
  • Plan, direct and co-ordinate the management and execution of administrative and  Office Services functions in order to meet organizational needs effectively and efficiently



  1. Budget,   Financial reports prepared
  2. Annual Reports tabled
  3. Statutory obligations prepared
  4.  Financial database maintained
  5. Systems policy, procedures manual and operating guidelines established.
  6. Annual, quarterly and monthly reports as stipulated on finances, travel and cruise statistics prepared:
  7. Contracts and plans prepared
  8. Procurement and office services managed




  1. Working in conjunction with the Accounts Department of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB):
  • Provide accountancy services as it relates to JamVac’s day-to-day operations 
  • Prepare first drafts of monthly reports, bank reconciliations and for other accounting activities
  • Review Accounts Payable
  • Review Final Accounts for submission to internal/external auditors
  • Review Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure compliance with FAA Act and other regulations, and incorporate strong internal controls
  • Review NIS, NHT, PAYE and Ed. Tax remittances to achieve a reconciled position with relevant authorities for any and all outstanding periods
  1. Prepare and organize supporting documents and information for the external auditor to complete the audit process, leading to eventual compliance with the PBMA,  FAA requirements International Financial Reporting Standards and company objectives for the submission of audited financial statement
  2. Participates in strategic discussions at Standing Finance Committee and Public Audit and Appropriations Committee (P.A.A.C.);
  3. Prepare Monthly Income and Expenditure Statements/Cash flow
  4. Prepare trial balance reports and reconciled audit schedules to the external auditors
  5. Liaise with the external auditors during the audit process;
  6. Prepare financial statements for the fiscal year on presentation by external auditor and provide recommendations/suggestions to  the Executive Director, as deemed necessary
  7. Review final audited accounts
  8. Provide accounting support and technical assistance on the financial and accounting operations of the employer        
  9. Establish  Database to track  and monitor statistical and financial records;
  10. Prepare and ensures payments for Operators and other service providers;



  1. Undertake the daily  Administrative operation  and support services of JamVac;
  2. Facilitate request under the Access to Information Act;
  3. Conduct staff Evaluation and Management;
  4. Oversee the maintenance of  Database to track and monitor charter activity and visitors;
  5. Maintain “country profile” of all tourism markets and its visitors;
  6. Coordinate all charter  activities as approved Liaise with Tour Operators on existing programmes and flights;
  7. Procure assets, services and  relevant supplies as required by JamVac;
  8. Prepare contracts for charter activities, procurement plans, reports in accordance with established procedures
  9. Liaise with:
    1. Head Office at regular intervals
    2. Local banks, officials re the handling of bank accounts
    3. JTB personnel and other Government agencies
    4. Tour Operators and airlines to maintain proper records and to obtain information as required
    5. Any other persons, organizations or companies as required
  1. Attend meetings on behalf of the Chairman/Executive Director
  2. Provide input for the preparation of Cabinet Submissions
  3. Participate in team efforts to achieve organization’s goals
  4. Attend and participate in corporate planning meetings/seminars arranged by JamVac;


  1. Coordinate  and attend Board Meetings, when required to do so
  2. Undertake any other duties/special assignments that may be delegated by the Minister/ Executive Director/Permanent Secretary.



  • Approves routine expenditure not exceeding the level of JAMVAC’s approved budget;
  • Responsible for the efficient and effective management  of JAMVAC  resources;
  • Determines the budgetary requirements for  JamVac;
  • Recommends/implements changes to the policies, operating systems and procedures.
  • Recommends  recruitment, training and discipline in accordance with established Human Resource Procedures;
  • Procurement of technical and administrative services and/or equipment on behalf of JAMVAC;
  • Liaise  with clients and stakeholders to executive assigned tasks


Decisions that must be referred to Executive Director

  • Serious problems of a non-routine nature relating to clients/partners

transactions with JAMVAC

  • Broad policy guidelines and recommendations to Board of Directors or Minister



  • The extent to which expenditure conforms with approved budgetary allocations;
  • Compliance of Financial obligations with established policies and procedures;
  • The extent to which corporate and operational plans and budgets are prepared in accordance with established format and time frame;
  • Confidentiality, integrity and sensitivity displayed in the execution of duties;
  • The extent to which members of team are provided with a clean, comfortable, safe and secure working environment;
  • The extent to which a high level of discipline and staff morale is maintained throughout the JAMVAC;
  • Contracts prepared and Reports meet quality standards and produced within agreed time frames;
  • Performance standards are specific, measurable, realistic and time bound



Core Competencies:

  • Excellent interpersonal and influencing skills;
  • Excellent analytical and judgment skills;
  • Customer & Quality Focus;
  • Excellent Problem Solving and Analytical skills;
  • Excellent  Planning and Organizing skills
  • Excellent  Good Oral and written Communication
  • Ability to cope well under pressured working conditions  to meet deadlines


Technical Competencies:

  • Sound knowledge of the FAA act Public and Government accounting policy and procedure and internal control systems;
  • Sound knowledge of the GOJ procurement procedures, management of assets and inventory;
  • Knowledge of office management
  • Ability to work with travel and tourism market and industry stakeholders in the Public and Private Sectors;
  • Practical knowledge of Accounting software and systems (Excel, Peartree, ACCPAC).



  • The incumbent is required to work in excess of normal working hours from time to time to achieve set deadlines.



  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting/Management Studies with Accounting or BBA from a recognized University. Post-graduate training in Accounting would  be  distinct asset or ACCA  Level 3
  • Minimum of Seven (7)  years experience in a similar capacity
  • Professional Certificate / Training and/or experience in GOJ Procurement Policy and  asset and inventory management would be a distinct asset


  • Any other equivalent combination of qualification and experience



Salary (per annum) in the range of $3,163,468.00 - $3,796,161.00 per annum

Fixed Travelling: $1,341,624.00 per annum