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Senior Director, Corporate Communications




POST TITLE:                                 SENIOR Director, Corporate Communications  

JOB GRADE:                                  (GMG/SEG 4)

DIVISION:                                   Corporate Communications

REPORTS TO:                                 Permanent Secretary          

MANAGES:                                    Director Communication & Public Relations Public Relations Officer and Graphic Artist

Estab. #                                    54007 


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Under the supervision of the Permanent Secretary the incumbent is responsible for the formulation, development and implementation of effective media, public relations, communication and information strategies, including the use of social media for the Ministry and its agencies. 




  1. Researches and prepares  speeches and other presentations  by the Hon. Minister and Executive Team;
  2. Develops and manages the implementation of local and international communications and Public Relations strategies for the Ministry and its Agencies;
  3. Serves as a point of official contact for the media,
  4. Develops and maintains close working relationship  with  media houses;     
  5. Responds to queries from the Local, Regional and International media and the public in a timely manner;
  6. Manages the writing and dissemination of   news releases and features;
  7. Oversees the editing and release of photographs and videos;
  8. Ensures appropriate  media coverage for the Hon. Minister’s public engagements and  meetings of the Ministry and its Agencies(upon request)    
  9. Organizes media interviews including advising and preparing officials for same;
  10. Manages the execution of News conferences and press briefings
  11. Monitor and  analyze  media coverage and public perception of the Ministry, (on an ongoing basis), identify successful initiatives and implement corrective strategies, where necessary
  12. Administer the  assignment of Tourism News Bureau stringers for coverage of events;
  13. Oversees  the preparation and dissemination of media monitoring reports;
  14. Recommends to the Executive team, strategic interventions and /or programmes aimed at managing the image and perception of  the Ministry and its agencies as well as the Tourism sector overall;
  15. Coordinates the provision of  current updates for inclusion on the Ministry’s website and social media pages;
  16. Oversees all publishing activities of the Division;
  17. Coordinates and monitor the implementation of decisions made by the joint Communication  team (Ministry & Agencies)


  1. Participates in the ministry’s strategic planning process and recommends appropriate communication strategy/ies in the short to medium term;
  2. Prepares and monitors the division’s operational plan and budget;
  3. Provides leadership for the Divisions’ staff and is responsible for the strategic, as well as day to day direction setting of the Division;
  4. Evaluates the Ministry’s media and public relations programmes to assess their effectiveness;
  5. Manages the outsourcing of communication services, eg. speech writing, media coverage, videography and related services
  6. Prepares work plans and a calendar of activities to keep  staff  of the Ministry and its Agencies as well as tourism stakeholders aware of key  activities and  elicit feedback;
  7. Manages news bureau activities and the commissioning of speech writers/stringers;
  8. Manages the human and financial resources of the Division to achieve relevant outcomes in the  Strategic Plan in a manner which is timely, efficient, within budget and of the required quality, including management of staff performance, training and development;
  9. Designs, secures support for, implements, monitors, and adapts as required, a strategy for strengthening internal communication and information sharing within the Division, Ministry and agencies.


  1. The extent to which negative exposure is minimized and corrective measures instituted;
  2. Timely research, preparation and delivery of speeches;
  3. Timely completion of strategic and other documents (Operational & Work Plans, Performance Reports, etc)
  4. Timely dissemination of information to Media houses
  5.  Effective communication between  the Government Communicators for:
    1. The management of information and events;
    2. Providing updates on new developments;
    3. Building stronger working partnerships


  • Ability to envision and articulate ideas to enhance media exposure for Brand Jamaica
  • Sound Speech writing and editing skills
  • Excellent communications programme development  skills
  • Excellent media management and planning  skills
  • Excellent planning and logistics coordination skills
  • Strong Initiative, tact and decorum


Responses to media cases (and other) queries may include:

  • Accurate quotes from public statements made by the Minister
  • Dissemination of information already made public by the Ministry.
  • Reference to research findings commissioned by the ministry or its agencies that are available to the public.  Outside of the above, all information to be released must first be referred to the Permanent Secretary


  • Extended working hours (weekends and public holidays),
  • Out of town travel, as the need arises)


  • A Master’s Degree in Public Relations/ Communications Journalism/International Relations  or  a related field;
  • Ten (10) years professional experience in both the private and public sectors;
  • Media experience or close working relationship with the press.


  • BSc Degree in Public Relations or Communications/ Journalism/International Relations
  • A minimum of Fifteen (15) years experience in public relations and/or corporate communications;

Media experience or close working relationship with the press.