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Sales Manager, Airlift - Jamaica Vacations Limited








POST TITLE:                                               MANAGER- AIRLIFT

                                                REPORTS TO:                                            EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR




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To contribute to increased visitor arrivals to Jamaica through:

  1. Promotion of increased airlift of visitors to Jamaica
  2. Support for tour operators serving Jamaica
  3. Operating in-house charters from selected gateways
  4. Supporting airlift from targeted emerging markets



The Sales Manager, Airlift is responsible for planning, developing, coordinating, implementing and managing JamVac’s sales, and marketing processes in relation to Airlift.



  1. Three-year Sales and Marketing airlift  plans, developed and tabled;
  2. Corporate Plans  developed and tabled;                  
  3. Budget, Corporate and  Operational Plans developed;
  4. Periodic reports as stipulated Sales, Marketing, and Financial operations;
    • Quarterly Reports
    • Annual Reports
  5. Database on airlift activities and statistics established;
  6. “Country profile” of tourism market and its visitors developed.



  1. Implement strategies, develop action plans, programmes and budgets to facilitate the promotion of increased visitor arrival, in keeping with agreed strategic objectives
  2. Establish and maintain active contacts with regional/international Tourism executives/stakeholders
  3. Liaise  with Tour Operators/Wholesalers  and assist with planning of airlift activities on year-round basis
  4. Assess new areas for airlift activity to increase airlift from targeted gateways into Jamaica  and vets proposals for approval
  5. Coordinate charter activities with airlift requirements and market development strategies for the organization
  6. Implement charters as approved
  7. Monitor airlift activities to ensure maximum returns to the benefit of tourism
  8. Prepare and present budgets to include seat support, risk sharing, co-operative advertising and administrative costs
  9. Implement and monitor (8) as approved;
  10. Prepare and present on a timely basis the following;
  • Charter activity
  • Financial activity
  • Any other pertinent information
  1. Liaise with the Director and Regional Directors of the JTB and all Regional Managers; Heads of or Marketing and Sales Directors of Tour Operators or Wholesalers on a timely basis to determine trends and changes; and to obtain any other information relevant to airlift operations
  2. Arrange, attend and represent Jamaica at major trade shows, seminars and conferences including Routes Conferences
  3. Compile and produce statistical and financial data on a timely basis
  4. Recommend, compile and produce budgets for approval
  5. Maintain all financial records for the programme
  6. Maintain liaison  with Head Office and pertinent stakeholders at all times
  7. Participate in policy formulation for the Ministry/JamVac and write appropriate position papers
  8. Participate in related procurement related matters



  1. Provide input for the preparation of Cabinet Submissions
  2. Undertake special assignments as requested
  3. Participate in team efforts to achieve organization’s goals
  4. Attend and participate in corporate planning meetings/seminars arranged by JamVac/JTB/MOT



  • Effective execution of strategies and programmes, evidenced by increased charters/visitor arrivals
  • Increased penetration of designated new markets, evidenced by increased percentage of visitors from targeted market segments
  • Preservation of market share, evidenced by maintenance and increases in numbers of visitors  to Jamaica
  • Timely preparation of required reports




  • Sound analytical and planning skills;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Ability to monitor processes to ensure correct methods are followed to achieve sustainability;
  • Awareness of changes in socio-economic and cultural trends, best practices within air transport and travel sectors, market opportunities and competitive threats; and ability to initiate ideas to improve the performance of the team, function or organization and tourism sector;
  • Possess sound ethical standards, showing consistency between values and behaviours to build trust and credibility;
  • Knowledgeable about issues, challenges and strategies for air transportation and tourism, especially from the  regional and international markets;
  • Sound knowledge of and ability to adhere to/apply government policies, rules, regulations, established frameworks and internal controls;
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of subject policy analysis and implementation, logistics and planning, and development economics;
  • Possess keen negotiating and dispute resolution skills;
  • Ability to maintain long-term alliances with others internal and external  Tourism stakeholder



  • Sound knowledge of the Air Transportation Industry, and Travel and Tourism marketing – national, regional and international.  Experience in the management of air travel and tour operations;
  • Sound knowledge of sales, Marketing and Financial best practices;
  • Proven ability to develop and execute effective marketing programmes;
  • Good rapport with the travel and tourism market and industry stakeholders in the Public and Private sectors;


Decisions that must be referred to supervisor:

  • Issues that may have financial, political or commercial implications  
  • Broad policy guidelines and recommendations to Executive Director



  • The incumbent is required to work in excess of normal working hours from time to time to achieve set deadlines.
  • Incumbent may be required to undertake extensive  local/overseas travel



  • Postgraduate or professional qualifications in Marketing;
  • Minimum of  Seven (7) years experience in a senior management position in Marketing, Tourism Sea/Air Transport and Tour Operations on an international platform


  • BSc in Tourism/Hospitality Management, Air Transport, Business Administration,  (with Sales and marketing emphasis) or related discipline
  • Training in modern approaches to research and analysis
  • Minimum of Ten (10) years in a senior management position within the Tourism/ Air Transport Industry/  International Marketing/


Any other combination of qualification and/or experience



Salary (per annum) in the range of $4,349,768.00 - $5,219,723.00 per annum

Fixed Travelling:       $1,341,624.00 per annum