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Executive Director - Jamaica Vacations Limited






POST TITLE: …                                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

                                                REPORTS TO:                                   CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD

MANAGES:                                          Manager- Finance & Administration

                                                                                                              Manager- Airlift

                                                                                                              Manager- Cruise Tourism

                                                                                                              Administrative Assistant


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To contribute to increased visitor arrival s to Jamaica through:


  1. Promotion of increased airlift of visitors to Jamaica
  2. Promotion of increased cruise passengers to Jamaica
  3. Support for other tour operators serving Jamaica.
  4. Operating in-house charters from selected gateways.
  5. Supporting airlift from targeted emerging markets.




  1. To provide  overall strategic leadership  of the Jamaica Vacations Limited (JamVac);
  2. To maintain active contacts with national regional and international stakeholders and professional networks with industry counterparts to facilitate access to relevant information for strategic and operational decision-making.
  3. To maintain active intelligence on air transport and cruise sectors, as well as passenger needs in targeted markets by means of research, professional networks and participation in regional and international forums, as necessary.
  4. To oversee the management of financial and office operations of the JamVac.




  1. Sound technical and strategic advice on  Airlift and Cruise strategies provided
  2. Risk assessments conducted;
  3. Systems for evaluating market developed.
  4. Communications plans developed; 
  5. Marketing plans developed and executed resulting in increased airlift of passengers from targeted markets and cruise arrivals
  6. Contracts negotiated
  7. Budgets,  Financial Reports, Audit reports, Operational plans, etal  produced;
  8. Policy and Procedure Manual established
  9.  Qualified and motivated staff and requisite physical facilities and systems engaged;
  10.  Effective leadership of reporting staff;




Technical/Professional Responsibilities


  1. Provide technical advice to Minister, Chairman of JAMVAC, Board of Directors of JTB, Permanent Secretary on strategic issues affecting airlift and cruise passenger arrivals.
  2. Advice the Minister of Tourism on matters relating to airlift and cruise passengers policy and strategy, as required.
  3. Accesses Market intelligence and develop strategies to increase airlift and cruise passenger arrivals from targeted gateways into Jamaica.
  4. Forges strong strategic alliances with airlines national, regional and international partners and builds networks across the sector.
  5. Establish an efficient system for managing, monitoring and evaluating risk.
  6. Provides guidance on financial risks.
  7. Keep abreast of national and international legislative changes, Government policies and guidelines, macro-economic indicators and trends occurring in all sectors, etc. that would impact JamVac’s mandate.
  8. Negotiates contracts for seat support and charters.
  9. Collaborate with major charter operators to discuss routes/gateways and monitor airlift from various gateways to ensure adequacy of air seats to Jamaica to meet targets.
  10. Direct appropriate research activities to generate information that will guide JAMVAC policies and strategic decision making.
  11. Oversee  JAMVAC’s budget and  monitors the  cash flow


Management/Administrative Responsibilities


  1. Efficient Management of Public Resources;
  2. Ensure accountability, transparency and efficiency of operations of JAMVAC.
  3. Create and maintain effective channels of communication with Jamaica Tourist Board, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Transport, Port Authority of Jamaica  and the airline, Cruise and tour industries to facilitate appropriate development of charter services.
  4. Maintain effective  communications with all internal and external stakeholders, including the Minister of  Tourism,   the Board   of Directors  of  JAMVAC,  the Ministry of Tourism, the Jamaica Tourist Board, the tourism industry , the airline industry  and  the  general  public so as to preserve  the  positive image of JAMVAC and promote understanding and effective  support for the programmes and initiatives of JAMVAC.
  5. Ensure compliance with all statutory requirements and government policies and guidelines
  6. Ensure  proper support to the Board of Directors and all sub committees of the Board
  7. Oversee the preparation of contracts and procurement plans;
  8. Leading and monitoring (as appropriate) the implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors
  9. Prepare  policy documents to assist decision-making, e. g.: Cabinet Submissions, policy briefs and other policy documents as required by the Ministry of Tourism;
  10. Ensures that JamVac has a positive public image and good rapport with industry stakeholders, and seen as contributing positively to national tourism effort.
  11. Develop strategies and action plans, and where necessary, appropriate policies and procedures, in keeping with the stated objectives of JamVac, and ensure their timely and effective implementation.
  12. Liaise with   Jamaica Tourist Board and other Government   agencies,   tour operators and airlines to obtain information as required, or any other persons, organization/ companies, as required.
  13. Oversee the preparation and submission reports in accordance with the legal obligations of JamVac (e.g.  Public  Boards  Management  and  Administration Act), including Corporate Plans, Operational Plans, Annual Budgets Quarterly Reports etal and provide periodic updates or re views to the Ministry  of Tourism.
  14. Convene meeting with national and international stakeholders to discuss and conduct review of medium and long term needs.
  15. Develop effective systems for monitoring and evaluation of JamVac’s performance and generate  required reports  on a timely bases, such as:
  1. Three-year Corporate Plans
  2. Annual Operational Plans
  3. Annual Budget
  4. Annual Audit Report
  5. Annual and quarterly reports

Human Resources Responsibilities


  • Ensure that qualified, trained motivated and productive staff is engaged
  • Ensure office surroundings, equipment and other resources are in place to enable JamVac to execute stated mandate;
  • Ensure  Employee Performance Evaluation System is developed and instituted


Other Responsibilities


  1. Any other relevant duties that may be designated by the Board of Directors of JAMVAC , the  Minister of Tourism through the Board of Directors of JAMVAC.




  1. Increased visitor arrivals;
  2. Increased   passengers airlifted, cruise arrival and charters;
  3. Timely preparation of required reports;
  4. Achievement of agreed  performance targets by reporting  staff;
  5. Financial reports are thoroughly analyzed and corrective action taken when deviations are uncovered.




  1. Intimate knowledge of the Air Transportation industry, and Travel and Tourism Marketing and readily applies technical  expertise to resolve difficult  problems efficiently:
  2. Demonstrate awareness of changes  in  global  travel  patterns,  socio­ economic and  cultural trends,  best practices within  the Air Transport, Cruise Management and Charter industry,  market opportunities and competitive threats;  and initiates  ideas to  improve the performance of the  tourism  sector
  3. Possesses excellent  negotiation  skills and  ability to interact at the highest levels  with  a wide  cross-section   of leaders  in  travel  and tourism,  airlines and  relevant  industries and sub-sectors;  capable  of effective  negotiation of airlift agreement s  and cruise passenger initiatives;
  4. Possess excellent analytical skills and consistent capacity for evidence-based decision-making;
  5. Possess sound Financial management skills
  6. Proven ability to develop and execute effective marketing programmes:
  7. Possess and exhibit excellent oral and written communication skills- Presents information, recommendations and issues concisely and clearly, using a number of formats, and adapting language to suit different readers;
  8. Monitor processes to ensure correct methods are followed to achieve sustainable efficiency and productivity in the long-term.
  9. Possess excellent Decision making skills to bases decisions  on  their  effect on  organizational/national resources, constraints  and  values  and  evaluates decisions  against  their contribution  to achieving the organization’s mission,  including future  impacts.
  10. Make a favourable impression on others by commanding respect and attention. brings about change by convincing others to adopt new ideas or courses of action;
  11. Ability to work with limited resources under pressure to meet,  deadlines, thinks ahead and  allocates enough  time to tasks; scrutinizes  reports and  checks  for  any  inaccuracies  as well  as assesses progress  against plans and  modifies   plans, as the need arise;
  12. Demonstrate sound ethical standards showing consistency between values

and behaviours  to build trust and  credibility;

  1. Ensure adherence to government policies, rules, regulations, established frameworks and internal controls:
  2. Possess good leadership qualities to lead a well - qualified and highly-motivated team to consistently achieve stated targets.



Decisions that can be taken

  • Negotiation of agreements with external entities on behalf of the company:
  • Liaising with leadership of Public and Private sector partnering organizations in pursuit of company goals:
  • Human Resource needs:
  • Financial commitments within budget;




The incumbent may be required to work unusual hours, weekends, and public holidays with frequent out of town  and overseas travel




  • Post Graduate Marketing/Tourism Management, Air Transport  in Business Administration or  related discipline;
  • Minimum of Ten (10) years in a senior management position within the  Tourism Industry;



  • Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Management, Air Transport, Business Administration or related discipline:
  • Professional qualifications in  management and/or Marketing would be distinct asset;
  • Minimum of Fifteen (15) years in a senior management position within the Tourism or Air transport industry.



           Any other combination of qualification and experience



Salary (per annum) in the range of $5,140,635.00 - $6,168,769.00 per annum

Fixed Travelling: $1,341,624.00 per annum